Jay’s story

Jay spent four years studying at Capel Manor College, starting with the Animal Care Technical Diploma (Level 2) before progressing to the Agriculture (Farming) Intermediate Diploma (Level 2) and Agriculture (Farm Management) Advanced Diploma (Level 3).

“Prior to joining Capel Manor College, I was studying at an alternative learning centre. My tutor recommended the College as a great place to continue my studies, as I have always wanted to work with in agriculture.

The College felt like the best choice for me, especially when I learnt that Mark Ballard would be my tutor.

I enjoyed all of my courses because of the quality of the teaching and the variety of practical lessons that we were able to benefit from. Mark went the extra mile to ensure that we were able to visit different farms for us to gain first-hand farming experience. As a result, my studies have given me the knowledge and skills required to get a job working on a farm.

I am now at university studying agriculture, this would not have been possible without the qualifications and experience I gained at Capel Manor College.

In the future, I hope to own my own farm and teach agriculture to the next generation of farmers.”