Lola’s story

Lola’s studies at Capel Manor College began with animal management and she is now studying the BSc (Hons) Animal Management and Applied Zoology (Top-Up).

“I wanted to study animal science after recovering from a car accident that changed my life. I decided that I wanted to get involved with animals as I have always been passionate about them. I chose Capel Manor College after visiting one of its Open Days. Instantly, I knew that this was the right place for me, it felt like I was back in my hometown in Spain rather than London as the Enfield Campus grounds were so beautiful. Everybody that I spoke to was kind and friendly, and I felt accepted and welcome.

All of the courses I have studied at the College have been great and the practical side is what I have enjoyed the most. I love being in contact with nature and the College facilities have allowed me to make the most of that side. I have received so much support from all of my tutors, especially Lindsey and Evangelos, both were very supportive whilst I underwent major surgery during my studies.

I have gained lots of in-depth animal knowledge, had the opportunity to travel and gain work experience as part of my course, and improved my English language skills. I have made friends with many amazing people over the last few years. When I first started I found Capel Manor College a magical place with a community feel – and four years later I still feel this way!

My future goal is to work with local communities and rehabilitation centres abroad to help care for animals through enrichment and training programmes.”

Watch Lola’s testimonial here.