Hanna’s story

Hanna is currently studying the foundation degree in animal management and zoology and plans to continue her studies to gain the full degree.

“I have always had a passion for animals and biology but also art. I then decided to work with animals, doing many courses and volunteer work. Before enrolling at Capel Manor College,  I lived in Africa and worked in a wildlife rescue centre. When I moved to London I became a Vet Nurse Assistant for a charity.

I chose Capel Manor College as I was excited about the modules offered and that I would have many opportunities to work practically with animals. After I had done more research into FdSc Animal Management and Zoology, I also found that the working hours and structure suited my lifestyle. Obviously, you can never tell how it will be in reality, but I just had a good, positive feeling about it and the thought of studying at the College excited me. 

I honestly feel privileged to be able to study such a unique course and I have gained confidence in my abilities. The most amazing thing is that I surprise myself with what I can achieve. The individual support we get from our tutors, the hands-on experiences and the atmosphere between the tutors and students greatly benefits from the small numbers of students registered each year at the College. I love that we are learning and being challenged but without unnecessary conditions often found in other universities.”