Tolga’s story

Tolga’s studies at Capel Manor College began with animal care at Level 2 before he progressed onto a Level 3 course in animal management.

“I was always passionate about wildlife from a young age but I did not know that I would be able to work with them, or study in this field when I was younger. I chose Capel Manor College because it was local, I met all the entry requirements and I knew if I never took this golden opportunity then getting into a career with wildlife later on would not have been easy.

The Animal Care (Level 2) course was amazing as it allowed me to learn so many things I never ever dreamed of learning such as animal biology, gave me the ability to make new friends who were just as passionate as I was about animals and also the work experience which I was able to carry out. While I was studying, I had the opportunity to work at a city farm, children’s zoo and a monkey sanctuary, and these experiences honestly changed my life.

I have absorbed so much knowledge and obtained numerous work experiences in different fields. This has certainly allowed me to become a great candidate for future employment opportunities and I give the College a huge thank you for that! Capel Manor College will be the time of your life and I can promise you that.”