Alex’s story

Alex is in her second year at Capel Manor College; she is studying floristry and studied GCSE English and Maths alongside her course.

“I discovered Capel Manor College online, while researching my next steps in further education. I chose the college as it was local to me, and they offered courses that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

As Capel Manor College’s courses are focused around the environment, it stood out from the other colleges I looked at, and had more courses to choose that fit my personal taste.

I studied floristry, as well as GCSE English and Maths. I have been attending the College for over a year, and I am now in my second year.

Before joining the College, I was home-schooled for about three years. During these years, I studied English, maths and psychology.

From a young age, I have always been super interested in English, especially when it comes to creative writing. I grew up wanting to be an author, and since then I have always wanted to better my English and writing skills.

Taking English at Capel Manor College has undoubtedly been the highlight of my time here. The teachers, staff and students were supportive throughout, and thanks to them and their help, I was able to achieve an 8 in my final GCSE exam.

I was able to improve my literacy skills and push myself to achieve further due to the endless support of my English teacher, Rebecca. I always looked forward to my lessons every week as I could feel my confidence growing and I saw improvements with my writing. My lessons were always so interactive and informative, and I enjoyed every second of them.

I have found Capel Manor College very different to other colleges, with more of a peaceful and calm atmosphere as it is set amongst nature.

As someone with low self-esteem, I have noticed that since attending the College my confidence has improved, and I have learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to. As well as this, I have gained a community of people that I know will be here to support me no matter what.

I am now back at college, continuing with my floristry course. I want to continue improving my English and floristry skills, and hopefully fulfil my dream of writing a book someday! “