Manfredi’s story

Manfredi studied arboriculture at Capel Manor College. He is now a garden designer working in Italy, and recently designed a Renaissance garden for the Palazzo Schifanoia, a Renaissance palace in Ferrara, Italy.

“I studied architecture at IUAV University in Italy, and had always wanted to study arboriculture. As a child I loved trees, and studying architecture helped me to also appreciate soft landscapes in conjunction with trees.

Whilst I was living in London in 2006, I researched local colleges that offered courses in tree surgery, and found Capel Manor College. I loved the beauty of the open space at the College and how welcoming tutor, Kim Page was during my visit to one of their Open Days.

I studied at Capel Manor College for three years, starting with a National Certificate in Arboriculture with tutor, Adam Sarfas.  Adam was so helpful especially as an Italian student with basic English skills, he gave me all the support I needed. I went on to complete a Foundation Degree in Garden Design at the College.

My course at the College taught me about the close relationship between nature and gardens. I loved the friendly environment and the open-minded visions all of my tutors had about the different ways to approach their disciplines. 12 years later, I still remember the warmth and kindness of the teaching at the College and the people I met whilst studying there.

Capel Manor College changed my life for the better, it really is something special, and made such a difference in my life.

I am currently working as a garden designer in Ferrara, Italy. My hope is to continue to enjoy what I learned and what I am discovering every time I have the opportunity of working on a new design.

I just would like to send back that hug-like feeling I received the first time I visited the College to all of the tutors, the people of the secretariat, the people of the canteen, and, last but not least, the gardeners who made me so happy during my three years of study at Capel Manor College – thank you!”

Manfredi most recently managed the landscape design and operational management of the €120,000 Palazzo Schifanoia garden project in Ferrara, Italy. Find out more about Manfredi’s design here.