David Domoney on Jobs and Career Paths in Horticulture

David Domoney, chartered horticulturist, writer and broadcaster, shares his experiences of working within the horticulture industry. A regular on ITV’S This Morning and co-presenter of Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden, David explains why horticulture is so much more than simply gardening.

As well as being a successful and accomplished horticulturist, David is also a Governor of Capel Manor College. In his latest video David tells us why he feels so passionate about sharing his experiences, and why he is encouraging young people to enter into the horticultural realm.

David has always had a passion for plants and gardens. When he left school over 40 years ago, he was inspired by someone he had met working in the horticulture industry who told him that it would be the perfect career choice if he wanted an engaging and interesting career, whilst having a positive impact on the planet.

Horticulture is more than ‘gardening’

As David explains, a job in horticulture does not automatically mean ‘gardener’, it is the incorrect term for a professional working within the industry. A gardener is a person who tends to their garden at home, or grows herbs from their kitchen, it is a hobby. Professional horticulture is so much more than this, it has so many facets; you can be a Managing Director of over 100 garden centres with 1000 staff, or a landscape architect designing acres of countryside. The possibilities are endless.

Horticulture is a huge industry, contributing £9 billion to the UK economy every year and employing around 300,000 people across a variety of disciplines. However, the RHS reports that 70% of businesses say that they struggle to find the skilled workers they require, and 83% put this down to the poor perception of horticulture in schools and colleges.

Younger generations understand its significance

Attitudes are shifting as younger generations understand the plight of the planet more than any other generation before, and want to take an active role in working amongst nature to make a positive change. Horticulture is now more popular than ever, and the education sector is seeing an increase in applications from school leavers wanting to study the topic. With a constant demand for skilled horticulturists, entering this industry is one with a clear career path, regular income and plenty of variation.

Jobs within horticulture for those who prefer to work indoors, include: garden design, horticultural journalism, landscape architecture, interior landscaping, sales and marketing, floristry, garden retail, author, broadcasting, science, undercover growing, breeding, education and event management.

For those who want to work outdoors, careers include: landscaping, parks and amenities, plant production, photography, groundsmanship, tree surgery, garden maintenance and tree production

David has ‘no regrets’

Horticulture gave a young David a quick start and respectable earnings for a beginner, so he could have the freedom to do what he wanted.  Since then, David has thrived in his career and is still constantly learning, which keeps every day interesting.

As David states, ‘I’ve not regretted a single day, it’s worth just taking a look and considering it as a potential career. If you’re looking for an active career, that gives a great deal of interest and huge opportunities, as well as the added bonus of working with nature, take a look at horticulture.’

What are the best courses to study for a career in horticulture?

Capel Manor College has been a centre for horticultural studies since 1968 and has developed an unrivalled reputation for excellence and strong industry links.

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