Garden Design Certificate (Level 2)

Unless stated otherwise, students aged 16-18 are exempt from tuition and registration fees.
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<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Starts:</strong></span> September
<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Duration:</strong></span> 1 year, (1 <u>day</u> per week), part-time
<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Available at:</strong></span> Crystal Palace and Enfield

<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Starts:</strong></span> January
<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Duration:</strong></span> 1 year, (1 <u>day</u> per week), part-time
<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Available at:</strong></span> Regent’s Park

<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>You will:</strong></span>
<li>study four specialist units focusing on drawing and design</li>
<li>study three specialist units focusing on: practical horticulture in relation to garden design, plant knowledge for garden design and plant use and selection for garden design</li>
<li>participate in workshops, lectures, tutorials, studio sessions and weekly interactive garden walks</li>
<li>be expected to complete a range of assignments within set timeframes outside the weekly classes.</li>
<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>Entry requirements</strong></span>
One or more of the following are required:
<li>minimum 2 GSCEs at grade 5 and above (A* to C)</li>
<li>Level 1 pass from one of the Introductory courses</li>
<li>relevant prior learning or practical experience gained in a professional environment</li>
<li>a keen passion for and interest in garden design, landscapes and horticulture</li>
<li>confidence in the use of computers, internet and standard office software</li>
You may be required to attend for interview and references may be called for in certain instances prior to being formally offered a place on the course.

<span style=”color: #cc99ff;”><strong>What next?</strong></span>
Upon successful completion of this course you may be able to progress to:
<li>our Plants and Planting Design Advanced Certificate (Level 3)</li>
<li>our Principles and Practice Advanced Certificate (Level 3)</li>
<li>a Kew Diploma, Botanical Garden Traineeship, or RHS Diploma (Level 3)</li>
<li>professional engagement in the garden design industry with the fundamentals of garden design knowledge.</li>
Last updated: 18 Sept 2019