Veronica’s story

Veronica studied the RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth and Development, leading her to become Gardening Editor at The Sun.

“I first heard about Capel Manor College from a friend who is a head gardener. Their recommendation was clear: for anyone serious about a horticultural career, especially at the esteemed Regent’s Park Campus, Capel Manor College was the ultimate choice.

Following this advice, I embarked on the RHS Level 2 course. Despite juggling my role as a news editor at The Sun, I committed to 18 months of part-time study, dedicating one day a week to my newfound passion.

Lockdown prompted me to reassess my career aspirations. Yearning for outdoor work, I found solace in the idea of horticulture. The course surprised me – it was more science-oriented than I expected. Yet delving into new realms excited me, and the picturesque campus only enhanced the experience.

The practical aspects were particularly rewarding. From challenging plant ID tests to insightful tutor guidance, each session broadened my horticultural understanding.

Leaving Capel Manor College, I gained not only knowledge but also a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Armed with newfound confidence, I ventured into garden maintenance, securing clients alongside my editorial role.

Today, I am thrilled to have assumed the role of Gardening Editor at The Sun. Balancing this with part-time work in garden design and maintenance, as well as managing my own clients, fulfils my ambitions. Looking ahead, I aspire to solidify my editorial career while continuing to nurture my green thumb.

Capel Manor College was instrumental in my journey. Without it, I would not have had the qualifications or confidence to seize such opportunities. To anyone considering it, I say take the leap. My life’s transformation in just four years is proof – it is never too late for a happier, healthier future.”