Garden and Landscape Design

Garden design focuses on the planning, design, and management of outdoor spaces, including private gardens, public parks, and commercial landscapes. This subject will teach you how to create functional, attractive, and sustainable gardens that enhance the environment and meet the needs of their users.

We offer a range of full and part-time, nationally-certified courses within garden and landscape design. We have a long-established reputation for delivering garden design courses of the highest quality with a core focus on today’s challenges of climate change, sustainability, and health and wellbeing.

You will be encouraged to showcase your skills by entering your work into nationally and internationally renowned design shows, exhibitions and competitions. Our students regularly win awards in RHS shows such as Chelsea, Hampton Court and Chatsworth.


Our garden design courses provide numerous job opportunities including roles such as:
  • Garden and landscape designer
  • Garden and landscape contractor
  • Garden projects and contracts manager
  • Interior landscape contractor
  • Chartered landscape architect

Did you know?

We work with industry experts, such as the Society of Garden Designers and The Landscape Institute to ensure our courses provide essential industry knowledge, skills and expertise.

As a garden designer, your career could take you around the world, influencing how future clients and communities engage with global landscape and environmental challenges from designing private and public spaces.

The capital needs trained professionals to influence city gardens and landscapes to help address the challenges of climate change and the ever-changing demands of urban living.


We have a range of exceptional quality teaching resources available including specialist design studios to allow you to practice traditional drawing skills, as well as IT facilities for the teaching of CAD techniques.

You will have access to over 30 acres of gardens and open landscape resources at our Enfield Campus, as well as the extensive plant collections and open spaces at our Regent’s Park, Gunnersbury Park, Crystal Palace Park and Mottingham campuses, providing you with inspiration throughout your studies with us.

Andrew's story

I have increased my confidence in my abilities and it has helped me rediscover my love for drawing. The course has also helped me improve my design skills and horticultural knowledge. Andrew began studying garden design at Level 1 and he is now studying at Level 3