Andrew’s story

Andrew’s studies at Capel Manor College began with garden design at Level 1 and he is now studying at Level 3.

“Before joining the College my plan was to improve my expertise as a gardener and transition my business towards garden design so I chose to study practical horticulture and garden design. I chose Capel Manor College as it has a good reputation and it is local to me. It is a great place to study with a wonderful campus. The College teaches young people valuable, practical skills that they can easily transfer to a work environment and helps career changers realise their job aspirations. 

I have undertaken a variety of courses that have encompassed practical, theory and design based work. I have enjoyed all of my courses and they have been run by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers who have encouraged me to do my best. By being on the course, I have increased my confidence in my abilities and it has helped me rediscover my love for drawing. The course has also helped me improve my design skills and horticultural knowledge. 

I am now working on developing my garden design business and I am collaborating on projects with fellow students and contacts I have made whilst at Capel Manor College. Undoubtedly, my experience at the College helped me get to where I am today. Looking back at my time at Capel Manor College I can trace back great opportunities that presented themselves. In the future, when I have gained further experience, I would be interested in teaching illustration/garden design, and supporting other students in setting up their own businesses.”