Garden Design Certificate (Level 2)

Course overview

This course will focus on drawing and design and you will study three specialist units.

You will participate in workshops, lectures, tutorials, studio sessions and weekly interactive garden walks. You will be expected to complete a range of assignments within set timeframes outside the weekly classes. An online-only version of this course is available, please check the start date before applying.

You will learn

  • Practical horticulture in relation to garden design
  • Plant knowledge for garden design
  • Plant knowledge for garden design
  • Plant use and selection for garden design
  • How to pland and create drawings that communicate ideas clearly

Certificate in Garden Design – Gateway Qualifications Limited
Reference: 60096731

Minimum of 2 GCSEs at grade 5 and above (A* to C)
Level 1 Pass from one of the introductory courses
Relevant prior learning or practical experience gained in a professional environment
A keen passion for and interest in garden design, landscapes and horticulture
Confidence in the use of computers, the internet and standard office software
You may be required to attend an interview and references may be needed

Upon successful completion of this course you may be able to progress to our Certificate in Plants and Planting for Garden Design (Level 3), Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Garden Design (Level 3), a Kew Diploma, Botanical Garden Traineeship, or an RHS Diploma (Level 3). You can also enter employment in the garden design industry.

Manfredi’s story

Manfredi studied arboriculture at Capel Manor College. He is now a garden designer working in Italy, and recently designed a Renaissance garden for the Palazzo Schifanoia, a Renaissance palace in Ferrara, Italy. Manfredi’s story