Ursula’s story

Ursula is a former floristry student at Capel Manor College, with an inspirational story.

“After being made redundant in 2015, I set up a business tending graves, but wanted to offer the option of fresh floral tributes. The key reason for enrolling on a Level 1 floristry course at Capel Manor College was to learn how to create them, but I quickly progressed through to Level 3. And so began a journey that transformed me not only into a florist, but also into a teacher and social entrepreneur. 

In 2018, I won a Festival of Learning Social Impact Award in recognition of how I changed my life through adult learning. My achievements include creating the Flower Bank, which reduces flower and foliage wastage by taking unwanted produce from supermarkets and turning it into designs for the local community. I have also worked with young offenders, teaching them the rudiments of floristry using the donated flowers.

Studying floristry has shaped the person I have become, given direction to my life, and made me a social entrepreneur. I have gained the creativity and confidence to be able to pursue a career in floristry.”