Shannon’s story

Shannon studied the Level 1 and Level 2 diplomas in Floristry. She is now progressing on to Level 3.

“I had always known a little bit about Capel Manor College as my mum attended a balloon class there when I was in primary school. However, I only looked into the College when I was 18 and my mum mentioned the Free Floristry Taster Day. More specifically, I was walking home from therapy with my step dad when we passed a flower shop. I then mentioned that if I were to look for a job I would love to be in a floristry setting. Shortly after I got home, my mum mentioned Capel Manor College was going to be having a Free Floristry Taster Day; completely unaware of the conversation I just had. I took it as a sign, and agreed to go. 

I was struggling a lot with anxiety and depression before joining Capel Manor College so my mum convinced me to try the taster day together. I instantly enjoyed it and my interest in floristry only grew from there. What made me decide the College was right for me was the tutors. They were so welcoming, understanding and encouraging from the very first day and promised me they would help me flourish, and they did. 

After the taster day, I did a four week (one day a week) course which I thoroughly enjoyed before starting summer school and then Level 1. Originally I only planned to give it my best shot, not expecting much to come of it but I have now completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas in Floristry and I am now going on to Level 3. 

Before studying at Capel Manor College I studied childcare at another college where I did not have a good experience and during that period of my life suffered with severe anxiety and depression –  which led to me being out of education for almost a year before joining the College. 

I had never been sure of what I wanted to study or what I wanted to be in the future. I actually never really thought I was capable of much until attending Capel Manor College. My journey here has helped me more than anyone can imagine and while I am still not 100% sure what I am going to do in the future, I know floristry is what I want to continue to study without a doubt. I would genuinely say my courses are the best thing I have ever decided to do. 

I enjoy myself at the College and I have learnt to believe in myself and challenge myself. I experienced a suitable educational environment for me for the first time. My course was fun, the tutors are so lovely and have a brilliant way of teaching. While I did enjoy making arrangements and learning new skills, learning to socialise with new people and having supportive tutors was my favourite part.  

I really want to emphasise how much the College means to me, especially my teachers Claire, Shelley and Tilly. They have supported me through many ups and downs. They have pushed me from day one and have such a clear understanding of how everyone learns differently and needs different support. I think it is really important for educational spaces to provide good support systems and in my experience Capel Manor College goes above and beyond.”