Rachel’s story

Rachel's journey began with Foundation Learning, progressing through various animal care and management courses from Introduction to Animal Care (Level 1) to the Animal Management Advanced Diploma (Level 3). This paved the way for her current pursuit: a foundation degree in animal management and zoology.

“Capel Manor College’s supportive environment and hands-on approach immediately appealed to me during an Open Day visit. The outdoor setting, practical lessons with animals, and compassionate staff offered a nurturing space for growth. I am so grateful for the unwavering support provided to me from the Student Services team, and I would like to emphasise the transformative impact they have had on my confidence and academic journey.

Since starting at the College, my journey has evolved even further. I recently graduated from the Fdsc course and I am now immersed in the BSc (hons) animal management and zoology programme. My thirst for knowledge has even led me to South Africa for conservation work, where I spent two weeks contributing to wildlife rehabilitation and camping in the Greater Kruger area. Additionally, I have embraced a role as a part-time zookeeper, leveraging opportunities that align with my studies.

My journey at Capel Manor College embodies resilience and growth. From conquering initial fears to pursuing a passion for animals and conservation, I have emerged as a confident, skilled professional. I have a very clear vision of my future (working with rainforest animals and sloths) and it is because of my experience at Capel Manor College that I am now equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to chase my dreams.

For anyone in a similar position to me when I first started College, do not let fear get in the way of achieving your full potential. Capel Manor College is the perfect place to achieve your dreams and be your true authentic self.”

Rachel Foundation Learning Animal Management