Oliver’s story

Oliver started his journey with Capel Manor College in horticulture, before progressing to garden design.

“I always knew I was interested in the subjects of horticulture and landscaping, but I hadn’t realised all the potential avenues I could explore before attending an Open Day at Capel Manor College. The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating, and they gave me great advice in relation to the course that would suit me. I chose the College not just because of its reputation, but also because of the scope and scale of its facilities. 

I am currently in my third academic year, learning all about the principles and practices of garden design. I had previously studied horticulture and landscape construction at the College two years prior. All of the courses I have studied have been extremely comprehensive. I enjoy both the practical and technical aspects of the courses, plus the free environment in which they allow for educated and in-depth discussions during classes and lectures. 

The College is a truly amazing place to be part of. They helped me choose my courses as I went along to ensure I got all the relevant knowledge I needed and that I made the most of my time. They have introduced me to great work experiences and I have made great contacts for the future.

Not only have I learnt a lot about my chosen subject areas, but I have also learnt a lot about communication and life in general. I hope to use my experience from the College to create a career that involves designing and building beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.”