Nancy’s story

Nancy began with the Introduction to Garden Design Level 1 and Level 2, then pursued GCSE Maths for Adults

I am a current student studying a horticultural course at Capel Manor College. Last winter I received an invitation from the College to study GCSE Maths, and I thought ‘why not’?

I had always struggled with numeracy since school and developed a mental block. Lacking interest and confidence in numeracy, I had given up and shied away from it.

With the encouragement of my son, I took up the challenge of studying GCSE Maths at Capel Manor College. As it happened, we only had four months to learn the whole syllabus, so we had to work quickly to be prepared for the summer exam. With two online maths lessons a week, it was intense and hard work. But with a great group of people and a very patient and encouraging tutor, my interest and confidence grew. It became my 2023 goal to get a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths, and I was determined to put in the hours.

When I felt like giving up, my son encouraged me to keep practising and find ways to problem-solve alone. I grew to like numeracy and began to enjoy the challenges involved. The good thing about numeracy is it is either right or wrong – clear and simple. If you get a question wrong, you just move on until you get it.

Our tutor gave us loads of brilliant resources and videos. These extra tools proved invaluable. It meant that if I needed further explanation or more practice, I knew exactly where to go to get the information I needed. It makes studying so much easier and more accessible.

When GCSE Results Day grew close, I had no idea what to expect. I had put in the work, so I thought I would get a Grade 4. You can imagine I was exhilarated to receive a Grade 5. This was a huge achievement for me.

Six months on and I am still celebrating my success, I am so glad I decided to give maths a whirl. It has helped me in my horticultural course, and my daily life, and looks good on my CV.

If you want to get a GCSE in maths, don’t hesitate to learn at Capel Manor College. You will benefit from great teachers and have lots of fun in the process.