Matthew’s story

Matthew’s studies began with horticulture and landscape construction at Level 3 before progression onto a garden design course.

“I wanted a career that involved nature and the physical world, something that is practical yet also challenging. Once I came across the College’s website, horticulture really stood out for me, although I had no previous experience in gardening. After asking around, I heard a lot of good opinions about Capel Manor College. It also presented itself as very reputable and reliable. The Open Day I attended convinced me that this was the place where I wanted to study.

Across all of the courses that I have studied here, I have enjoyed and greatly appreciated the amount and standard of teaching and information I have received. The vast plant knowledge, construction skills and design approaches have definitely been the highlights of each course. The College is a fantastic learning space. I really enjoy taking walks around the campus during breaks, just to see how the gardens and plants develop throughout the seasons. 

If it was not for Capel Manor College, I would not have explored the horticulture course. The College offers so much, from the learning faculties like the library, to the teaching and mentoring from the tutors. The College has helped me discover something that I am passionate about. In the future, I want to carry on gardening and furthering my plant knowledge.”