Lizzie’s story

Lizzie studied the Animal Keeper and Aquarist Apprenticeship for two years.

“I first learned about Capel Manor College through my job at Woburn Safari Park. The prospect of furthering my knowledge and skills in animal care immediately caught my attention. It was a golden opportunity, so I eagerly enrolled onto the Animal Keeper and Aquarist apprenticeship.

Over the span of two years, I dedicated myself to online classes, immersing myself in the intricate world of animal care. It was a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey. I found myself excelling in medical procedures, animal restraint, and a host of other crucial responsibilities.

The apprenticeship did more than just enhance my technical skills; it bolstered my confidence. Armed with newfound knowledge, I now offer my expertise to colleagues, contributing to the welfare of the animals at the park.

Though I only physically visited the College twice, it left a lasting impression. Capel Manor College stands as a place of growth, learning, and recognition. I felt supported and valued in my journey towards becoming a skilled animal keeper.

Today, I am an integral part of the demonstrations team at Woburn Safari Park, where my role as an animal keeper has expanded. My journey from a diligent worker to a skilled professional is a testament to the impact of my time at Capel Manor College.

Looking ahead, I see a future where I continue to progress within my workplace. My goal is to achieve the coveted status of a paid, qualified animal keeper. I am eager to explore new horizons and opportunities in animal care.

Reflecting on my journey, I am struck by the profound impact Capel Manor College had on my professional growth. It opened doors to diverse opportunities and provided a platform for me to flourish within my role.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to expand their expertise in animal care. The dedicated tutors and their supportive team were instrumental in my success. Their guidance, encouragement, and wealth of knowledge were invaluable.”