Kevin’s story

Kevin studied the Horticulture Operative apprenticeship at Capel Manor College.

“Capel Manor College was chosen for me by the Royal Horticultural Society because of the excellent facilities and reputation. At first I had not heard of the College but I soon realised I was somewhere very prestigious. Before enrolling I thought I knew what I wanted to do as a career, until I discovered horticulture and all the amazing opportunities available to work and study.

I was very happy at the College and I thought the course was excellent. It was well-structured with a good balance of classroom study and practical hands-on learning. I really feel that I learnt such a lot in a short space of time and there was lots of support available to do so. I enjoyed putting my newly-gained knowledge into practice and working in the beautiful gardens at the College; there are some amazing plants there and some very impressive specimens.

Capel Manor College boasts a diverse collection of plants and garden conditions which makes it a superb place to learn and carry out a wide variety of practical tasks. The library is also packed full with a variety of extremely useful and fascinating books which I used every week to aid my learning. I found the lecturers, and staff in general, very supportive and they have helped greatly in me achieving this.

My time at the College gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to start a career in horticulture – it was an inspiring place to be. It also opened my eyes to all the wonderful opportunities available and I would strongly recommend Capel Manor College to anyone who has a desire to have a career in horticulture. I am currently working as a freelance gardener and am slowly building up a base of clients whom I garden for regularly. I would love to work in a completely organic garden where nature and sustainability are at the core of my daily work.”