Katerina’s story

Katerina studied the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management for two years.

“Before studying at Capel Manor College I knew I wanted to pursue a career with animals. I was 14 when I started working at a local cattery and always had a vision of working with animals even before this. Although I was certain that I wanted to enter the animal industry and had some base knowledge, I was not certain of the exact path I wanted to take. 

I loved that the College offered a course which covered all bases in animal life. I knew that this course would increase my knowledge and allow me to explore other aspects of the industry. I loved that there were a variety of modules in different areas and I could gain practical skills as opposed to just theoretical knowledge by doing A Levels.

Capel Manor College helped us develop skills specific to us and also provided opportunities such as focusing further on one area or carrying out voluntary hours. By being on this course, I realised that I enjoyed the variety of topics and went on to study a similarly structured course at university. I became confident working with a variety of species and my lecturers had a positive impact on me. Currently I am an Education and Presentations Officer at a bird zoological collection. I hope to remain working with birds whilst contributing towards conservation through education – I love that I am able to practice the roles of a keeper as well as run educational sessions and displays. 

Before studying at Capel Manor College I was very shy and would have never pictured myself being a teacher. I became much more confident, not just because I was able to finally be in my element and pursue my goals, but also because of my experiences at the College and the support I received with pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the College and would have definitely stayed on had they ran higher education courses at the time. I would most definitely recommend Capel Manor College to any student deciding whether to study there or not.”