Jessica’s story

Jessica is now studying the Extended Diploma in Animal Management (Level 3) after completing the Technical Diploma in Animal Management (Level 2) here at Capel Manor College.

“From the moment I learned about Capel Manor College through a friend, I knew it was the right place for me. It offered the perfect opportunity to delve into animal care and work closely with a diverse range of species, giving me a taste of what the animal-related industry truly entailed.

Starting with a Level 2 Technical Diploma in Animal Management, I am now in my second year of the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. It has been a little over two years at Capel Manor College, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing.

Before joining the College, I was diligently working through secondary school, ensuring I had the grades necessary for college. The desire to become a veterinarian was ingrained in me from childhood, but as time went on, my fascination with zoo veterinary and exotic species grew stronger.

The coursework as part of my studies at the College has been a delight. The first year covered a wide range of subjects, from health and disease to behaviour, providing a well-rounded foundation. Now, in my second year, I find myself enthralled in breeding and genetics lessons. My tutors have been incredibly supportive, offering valuable insights and considerate guidance throughout my journey.

Working with an array of animals, particularly rodents, has been a highlight. It is a field I have always been intrigued by, and being able to interact with species I had never encountered before has been a truly enriching experience.

Capel Manor College, in my opinion, is meticulously designed. The curriculum effectively imparts knowledge and prepares us for our futures in the animal industry. The diverse array of animals across both campuses provides exposure to various environments, mirroring what we might face in exotic fields or as zookeepers.

The knowledge I have gained spans from understanding anatomies to deciphering animal behaviour, along with practical skills crucial for the animal industry, such as a quick release knot.

Currently, I am engrossed in my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management, where modules like breeding and genetics, veterinary nursing, and wildlife and ecology are expanding my expertise.

Looking ahead, I aspire to join one of my dream veterinary universities, be it the Royal Veterinary College or the University of Surrey.

Capel Manor College has been instrumental in shaping my path. The exposure, both in class and through work placements, has been invaluable. It has given me a clear picture of what to expect in the animal industry, arming me with the knowledge and confidence to step confidently into the future.

I must express my deep gratitude to the tutors who have been unwavering in their support. Their mentorship has allowed me to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Additionally, my experiences at organisations like Urban Farm and Hobbledown Heath have been transformative, providing an in-depth understanding of various species and their appropriate care.

Capel Manor College has not only been a learning environment but a springboard into a future that I am really passionate about. It is where dreams are nurtured, and where a love for animals is transformed into a fulfilling and purpose-driven career.”