Ivor’s story

Ivor studied arboriculture and forestry during his time at Capel Manor College.

“My parents believed it would be good for me to get some experience of being outside of school and so they suggested that I complete a short one year course. I have always been good working with my hands so I knew I had to do something practical, learning a skill or trade. This led me to an arboriculture and forestry course at Capel Manor College.

I have really enjoyed my course, the teaching style benefits me greatly as it is very hands-on and interactive. The tutors are relaxed and help to make a comfortable environment to learn in. The relationship you build with your tutors is much stronger than it could ever be in sixth form and this allows them to understand how we learn as individual students and adapt themselves to teach us in the best way possible.

Capel Manor College as a whole is a great place to study any land-based course they offer. The College has a great campus in Enfield with lots of plants and trees if studying horticulture or arboriculture and even great facilities like a farm for agriculture students. All in all, it has great outdoor facilities to succeed in whatever course you are studying. I have gained confidence in myself to trust what I have learned as everything we are taught gets put to the test when it comes to practicals.”