Isabella’s story

Isabella began with the Technical Diploma in Animal Management and Welfare (Level 2), then pursued the Animal Management Diploma and Extended Diploma (Level 3).

“I first heard about Capel Manor College from a dear friend from secondary school. I was on the cusp of receiving my GCSE results and in search of a college course that would pave the way to the veterinary industry. My friend was already a student at the College and told me about the courses they offered and encouraged me to attend one of their Open Days.

Choosing Capel Manor College was a pivotal decision. While my secondary school offered a spot for science A levels, I remained open to alternative paths. I visited the Gunnersbury Park Campus during an Open Day, and from the moment I set foot there, my parents noted that I did not stop smiling.

I began with a Technical Diploma in Animal Management and Welfare (Level 2). Progressing through the years, I pursued the Animal Management Diploma and Extended Diploma (Level 3). In total, I spent three years at Capel Manor College.

Before my time at the College, I was immersed in the standard array of subjects at secondary school, including triple science and history. Yet, my heart was always set on working with animals, a passion kindled by countless afternoons glued to Animal Planet, captured by the wisdom of David Attenborough.

The first course I studied at Capel Manor College was a revelation. There is an astonishing array of magnificent animal species. The modules were challenging yet riveting, preparing me comprehensively for my future career. I formed deep connections with staff and practical instructors, their guidance instrumental in my journey. Who would have imagined I would find myself flipping sheep and training rabbits!

I have had many highlights during my studies. Unfamiliar and unique opportunities opened up, both within the College and during work placements. I have made lifelong friendships and I have earned remarkable awards. Excursions to Chessington, London Zoo and the National History Museum added a touch of adventure to my academic journey.

Gunnersbury Park Campus, though modest in size, exuded a sense of belonging. It felt like a close-knit community of fellow animal lovers, a place where I truly felt at home. The staff and tutors are driven by passion and are unwavering in their support, propelling every student towards their chosen careers.

The knowledge I gained spanned practical skills and theoretical expertise, particularly in animal health, behaviour, and law. This foundation has equipped me to enhance animal wellbeing in my future career. Communication skills and confidence in handling creatures of all sizes were also honed, which are critical for my chosen path.

Now, I stand on the precipice of a new chapter. University is on the horizon and I am set to embark on a BSc degree in Veterinary Nursing at The Royal Veterinary College.

Beyond this, my aspirations are to unearth a specialised area of interest for further study. Capel Manor College, particularly the Animal Management Diploma and Extended Diploma (Level 3), armed me with the necessary modules and invaluable industry placements I needed to set me on my chosen career path. This experience has been a launchpad that has propelled me towards my future as a veterinary nurse.”