Henrique’s story

Henrique studied the Access to Higher Education Diploma Veterinary Science (Level 3) for one year.

“Discovering Capel Manor College through a colleague at the Blue Cross marked a turning point in my journey. The choice between Capel Manor College and another college was a tough one, with travel times being almost identical. However, when I set foot on Capel Manor College’s Enfield Campus during an Open Day, my heart found its home.

I received a warm welcome and lots of guidance from the team, and speaking with the course coordinator solidified my decision. The Enfield Campus is a beautiful place.

I chose to study the Access to Higher Education Diploma in Veterinary Science (Level 3). It was a fast-paced course, covering a vast expanse of material in a relatively short time. Having been two decades since I last delved into chemistry and biology, it felt like a rich revision of my earlier learnings, albeit with the challenge of mastering English as I originally trained in a different language and country and had to master UK standards. 

The structure of the classes, coupled with honest feedback from tutors, made the learning experience enriching. The practical courses, though constrained by bird flu restrictions, offered a fascinating glimpse into animal care. The diversity of bird species we encountered was inspiring.

Being surrounded by younger peers did not deter me either. We became a tight-knit group because we all shared a very similar passion.

Capel Manor College not only provided an alternative pathway for me to meet the entry requirements for universities, but it also honed my writing and IT skills. It really prepared me for the academic journey that lay ahead for me.

Now, with an offer from Surrey University for September 2024, I am looking ahead with a sense of purpose and readiness. My “gap year” will be a time of diligent work and financial preparation, ensuring a smooth transition into university life.

In the future, I aspire to contribute to studies that address critical health issues, from improving anti-venom for snake bites to exploring the medicinal potential of rattlesnake venom in treating Alzheimer’s. With a degree in hand, I aim to be at the forefront of veterinary advancements, making meaningful contributions to the profession.

Capel Manor College has been instrumental in shaping my journey. It not only provided the academic bridge I needed but also equipped me with confidence and skills.

My journey is testament to the support I gained from Capel Manor College. To those considering a similar path, I say this: seize the opportunity, embrace the challenges, and let your passion propel you towards your dreams. The journey may be demanding, but the destination is worth every step!”

Henrique Success Story Higher Education Animal Management