Emily’s story

Emily’s studies at Capel Manor College began with horticulture. She is now studying garden design.

“Capel Manor College was recommended to me by a friend as I was keen to study a horticulture course. I had previously worked in media technology, starting my career at Google before going on to Spotify. I then took a career break and decided I wanted to do something productive with my time alongside relaxing and travelling. 

I had always known what I wanted to study as I was keen to learn more about gardening. I have my own garden in London which needed some attention, and I wanted to get some proper knowledge before embarking on the overhaul. I loved the course and it has opened up a whole new world of understanding for me. I had always enjoyed spending time within nature, but now I have found myself being more observant about what I see and enjoy seeing plants in their various stages of life cycles. It has also proved to be a great creative outlet, particularly now I am studying garden design. The College provided excellent teaching and I loved meeting lots of new people. The course has enriched my life overall and will continue to do so. I started the course knowing nothing and left with a lot of knowledge and a desire to keep building on it.

I plan to continue gardening in my spare time and helping friends with garden design projects as and when the opportunities arise. While I am not directly working in the industry currently, I am really proud of my achievements at Capel Manor College. I can highly recommend the experience for anyone who has a desire to learn more about horticulture. It is a great course for those not only who want to pursue a career in the space, but also for hobbyists. Overall it is good value for money and you will meet lots of interesting people, too!”