David’s story

David’s time started at Capel Manor College with a countryside management course before he progressed to studying environmental conservation.

“I first heard about Capel Manor College from my parents, who took me to visit the Gardens when I was younger. I have always loved being outdoors, so the prospect of being able to learn and eventually work outside was brilliant for me.

After my GCSEs, I decided to enrol onto the countryside management Level 2 course, which involved lots of practical learning and really catered to my preferred learning style.

One of the things that stood out to me when I started was how friendly and kind all the lecturers and College staff were; I have never felt like I could not speak to a member of staff.

The course was one year in length and, after developing a passion for the subject, I continued my studies with environmental conservation at Level 3.

What I have enjoyed most about studying at Capel Manor College is the mature learning environment. I feel it has facilitated my development, not only as a student but also as a well-rounded person. By being treated like an adult, I feel confident to go out to the industry and work with others.

My goal is to gain employment in the conservation industry and I definitely feel that studying at Capel Manor College has been the best route to my chosen career. I will always be thankful for everything that I have gained by studying here.”