Connor’s story

Connor’s studies at Capel Manor College began in animal care, then progressed to countryside management.

“I decided I wanted to work in nature, particularly with animals, in the last couple of years of secondary school. I chose to study at Capel Manor College not only because they would help me achieve what I wanted, but also because they specialised in courses relating to nature, conservation and horticulture.

I studied at the College for three years; Animal Care (Level 2) in year one, Countryside Management (Level 3) in year two, and Extended Countryside Management (Level 3) in year three.

I really loved my courses as there were a mixture of students across all ages. We got along really well and helped each other get through the course by sharing knowledge, we were like a family. Of course, having great classes requires having great tutors, and both Andy and Diane motivated and helped us to achieve our goals.

I enjoyed the amount of field trips we went on. The grounds itself are spectacular and the facilities are superb. Although it is a College, it is also open to the public and that is an awesome aspect as people can see examples of students’ work in the Gardens. 

My dream was to leave the UK and work or volunteer for a national park, perhaps in South Carolina where some of my family lived. After some research, a park in South Carolina offered to sponsor me for three months and I gained superb experience by working closely with silviculturists and wildlife biologists on a range of conservation projects. 

Right now, I am living in Canada and I aim to get a job in Toronto within parks and recreation. What I would say to students looking to get into this field is that the possibilities are endless, especially if you are looking for a career that allows you to travel and explore. I have gained new life experiences by travelling and working in parks and reserves, and I have been able to see lots of breathtaking landmarks.”