Arboriculture Student Claudia Shares her Study Experience

One of our arboriculture and forestry students’ Claudia shares her experiences of studying at Capel Manor College and what you can expect to learn. Claudia is currently studying Arboriculture (Tree Management) and Forestry Extended Diploma (Level 3):

“I have always wanted to work outside and the College was recommended to me by friends for its environmental courses. I came to an Open Day and really liked the College, and the fact that I could learn practical skills to use in the industry.

I started on the first year of the Arboriculture (Tree Management) and Forestry Advanced Diploma (Level 3) and enjoyed it even more than I expected. I have continued my studies and progressed to the Arboriculture (Tree Management) and Forestry Extended Diploma (Level 3) so that I could keep studying to specialise my skills and knowledge further.

I really enjoy coming in to the College, it is so interesting to learn the skills required to maintain trees especially practical things such as working with chainsaws – something that I just never thought I would ever be able to do! We have also been taught about tree identification and maintenance, ecology, wildlife and habitats.

I love learning new things, but one of the things I have enjoyed learning the most is that trees are their own ecosystem. It has been fascinating to learn the difference between woodland management in the countryside compared to urban tree management in cities. Very different skills are needed, and I am learning how to recognize an individual tree’s specific needs.

Habitat restoration and ecology are also areas that I am very passionate about. I have learnt how to maintain a tree’s health, how to prevent issues, how to test soil quality and structure, and how to recognize the effects of pollution on urban trees and how to reduce its impact. It is more important than ever to understand this challenge we are facing with the effects of climate change.

I am currently undertaking work experience to help me decide which area of the industry to pursue when I complete my course as it is such a broad area. For example, even a tree surgeon does so much more than just pruning trees; they also plant trees, work on tree pest control and treating diseases to keep trees healthy.

My classes have been and are so interesting, everyone has something to contribute and we even had two students from the industry that were studying with us to advance their career progression. We are all in regular contact, support each other and sometimes meet up outside of lessons too. The tutors and instructors have been amazing and varied, adding insights from their individual specialties across the different modules.

There are lots of employment opportunities from a course like this, and studying arboriculture and forestry, does not only mean tree surgery, there are plenty of other avenues to explore. Careers within the industry can include habitat restoration, maintaining wildlife and its habitats, and conservation.

I recommend this course to anyone interested in the environment. There is more to arboriculture and forestry than you think, and this course and career path is well suited to those who want to work outdoors and carry out hands-on work.”

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Claudia, arboriculture and forestry student at Capel Manor College