Meet Capel Manor College’s Governing Body

Behind our success lies a dedicated team of governors, each bringing a unique blend of experience, passion, and expertise to the table. Take a closer look at the remarkable individuals who make up our governing body here at Capel Manor College.

Roger McClure – Chair of Governors
With a rich tapestry of experience in further and higher education across England and Scotland, Roger McClure leads the governing body with a steady hand. His career spans various educational institutions and advisory roles which demonstrates his deep commitment to fostering learning environments conducive to growth and development.

Dr. Heather Barrett-Mold OBE – Vice Chair of Governors
Dr. Heather Barrett-Mold’s journey from college principal to independent consultant reflects her unwavering dedication to the learning and skills sector. Passionate about environmental sustainability, she champions initiatives aimed at preserving nature while nurturing young minds.

Peter Brammall – Principal and Chief Executive
Peter Brammall brings a wealth of experience from the further education and skills sectors, with a keen focus on enhancing employability and skills support for diverse learners. His leadership ensures Capel Manor College remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

Joanne Coffey – Director of Governance and Company Secretary
As the custodian of governance and compliance, Joanne Coffey’s Governance Professional role ensures that Capel Manor College, and its subsidiaries, operates seamlessly, supporting its mission to empower students and enrich communities.

Joanne Roxburgh – Chair Designate
With over three decades of experience in adult and higher education, Joanne Roxburgh’s leadership heralds a new era of growth and sustainability at Capel Manor College. Her visionary approach aligns with the College’s ethos of creating positive societal impact.

Paulina Balogun
Paulina Balogun’s journey from the financial sector to academia exemplifies her commitment to nurturing future talent. As Head of College at SoundSkool Music College, her insights into bridging industry gaps are invaluable.

Dr. Sheila Cunningham
Dr. Sheila Cunningham’s extensive background in healthcare education underscores her dedication to inclusive learning. Her role as Deputy Dean at Middlesex University enriches Capel Manor College’s academic vision.

Aaron Davis
With expertise in urban regeneration and landscape design, Aaron Davis brings a fresh perspective to Capel Manor College’s governance. His passion for sustainable development aligns seamlessly with the College’s ethos.

Darrell DeSouza OBE
A management consultant with over 38 years of experience in further education, Dr DeSouza previously served as Group Principal and CEO at HCUC, launching the West London Institute of Technology. His expertise, spanning senior management and lecturing roles, reflects a commitment to enhancing educational experiences. As a member of multiple committees, including Audit and Academic, he plays a pivotal role in shaping Capel Manor College’s future success.

Peter Doble
Peter Doble’s agricultural roots and financial acumen make him an invaluable asset to the Finance and Resources Committee. His dedication to maintaining fiscal prudence while investing in student resources ensures Capel Manor’s long-term sustainability.

Lorna Fitzjohn
Lorna Fitzjohn’s multifaceted experience in education and agriculture reflects her commitment to holistic learning. As a strong advocate for student empowerment, she inspires learners to reach their full potential.

Guy Jones-Owen
With a distinguished career in banking and sustainable development, Guy Jones-Owen brings a wealth of financial expertise to the Audit Committee. His commitment to Capel Manor’s legacy is deeply rooted in familial ties.

Alex Lane
As General Counsel at Hive Energy, Alex Lane’s legal acumen and environmental advocacy resonate with the College’s ethos of sustainability. His role in promoting renewable energy aligns seamlessly with the College’s environmental initiatives.

Mei Lim
Mei Lim’s passion for community development and education underscores her commitment to Capel Manor’s mission. Her journey from teaching to nonprofit leadership reflects a deep-seated desire to effect positive change.

Ralph Luck’s illustrious career in urban regeneration and property development positions him as a key influencer in Capel Manor’s estate management. His dedication to sustainable growth mirrors the college’s environmental stewardship.

Sarah Moreland MBE
Sarah Moreland’s dedication to agricultural education and event management reflects her unwavering commitment to student success. Her journey from teaching to nonprofit leadership embodies the transformative power of education.

Stephen Way
Stephen Way’s expertise in enterprise IT and governance complements Capel Manor’s vision for digital innovation. His passion for exploring abandoned spaces mirrors his bold approach to educational leadership.