Why are Maths and English Qualifications Important?

This National Numeracy Day (19 May 2021), Capel Manor College is highlighting the importance of both Maths and English skills in the land-based industry.

Achieving good Maths and English skills is essential to compete in today’s job market. There is not a day that goes by where students will not be required to apply these skills in their day-to-day work, whether that be calculating the right angles to climb a tree as a tree surgeon, measuring the correct amount of medicine for an animal as a veterinary nurse, or writing clear and concise reports as an environmental conservationist.

According to an analysis by the UK Government, achieving 5 GCSEs between Level 9 and 4 (grade A* to C), including the vital Maths and English subjects, adds £80,000 to a student’s earnings over their lifetime*.

Since 2014, by law, all students aged 16 to 18 without at least a Level 4 (grade C) in both Maths and English at GCSE must keep studying these subjects as part of their future study programmes.

In 2015, this policy was tightened so that students without a Level 3 (grade D) at the age of 16 were required to re-sit the GCSE rather than take an alternative qualification, like Functional Skills.

The Government knows that in the future, there will be almost no jobs where people do not need good Maths and English skills. They have ensured that students must go on to study Maths and English at a Further Education college, or as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship, until they have achieved a decent level of qualification.

How do Capel Manor College support students with their Maths and English skills?

We understand that leaving education without a good level of Maths and English means that chances of finding employment are lower, students are likely to earn less, and there are fewer opportunities to progress to further education or training, or get a job promotion.

Alongside our land-based curriculum, we deliver two types of qualifications that are recognised by employers and training providers, to help students improve their skills:

  • Functional Skills Maths and English
  • GCSE Maths and English

When you enrol on a course at Capel Manor College, we ask for copies of your exam certificates (if you have already taken formal qualifications). These grades will then determine which qualification and course level you will be enrolled on to.

If you have not yet taken formal qualifications, we ask you to sit a Maths and English assessment at enrolment to see what level you are working at, so we can determine which qualification and course level you will be enrolled on to.

As students achieve their Maths and English qualifications, they will study the next level if they continue to study at the College the following year until they achieve at least a Level 4 (grade C) at GCSE.

The table below shows what level students are enrolled on to, based on their prior qualification outcomes for Maths and English:

Students who have already achieved a GCSE grade:

Current achieved grade Enrol to
Level 9 to 4 (grade A* to C) No enrolment required
Level 3 (grade D) GCSE
Level 2 Functional Skills Level 1
Level 1 (grade E) Functional Skills Entry Level 3

Students who have already achieved a Functional Skills grade:

Current achieved grade Enrol to
Functional Skills Level 2 GCSE
Functional Skills Level 1 GCSE
Functional Skills Entry Level 3 Functional Skills Level 1
Functional Skills Entry Level 2 Functional Skills Entry Level 3
Functional Skills Entry Level 1 Functional Skills Entry Level 2

How can you improve your Maths and English skills?

Capel Manor College’s Head of Maths and English, Caroline Turner, shares five top tips for improving your Maths and English skills:

  • Attend all lessons, arrive on time and complete any homework that has been set by your tutor – make sure you are prepared with the correct equipment
  • Go to lessons with an openness to learn – do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand the content
  • Undertake additional study to practise your skills – there are many useful websites that you can access in your spare time, including information and resources as part of National Numeracy Day
  • Try to read every day. Reading regularly will not only improve your English skills, but it will also help to reduce stress, expand your vocabulary, improve your memory, help you gain stronger analytical and critical thinking skills, and make you a better writer
  • Believe that you can achieve – even if you have struggled with Maths and English in the past, our tutors are experts in their field and they will help you in the areas that you are least confident in

As part of a competition for National Numeracy Day, Capel Manor College encouraged students to design a poster that demonstrates how they use Maths in daily life. Foundation Learning student, Xavier, won with their entry above.

If you are worried about applying to study a course at Capel Manor College because of your Maths and English skills, speak to our Admissions team today who will support you and discuss your concerns confidentially. You can:

  • Speak to us via live chat on our website (Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm)
  • Submit an enquiry via our contact form
  • Call us on 01992 707 029

*Source: www.gov.uk/government/news/school-success-adds-140000-to-wages-research-reveals