Have You Thought About Becoming a Further Education Teacher?

Further education is any study that takes place after secondary school but outside of higher education (such as at university).

In further education, teaching can take place in classrooms, community centres, workplaces and private training centres. You could teach a diverse set of learners, including young people and adults.

Teach at London’s environmental college

Capel Manor College is looking for talented people across the land-based industries who are keen to give something back to the next generation of green-skilled workers. Part-time teaching is an excellent way for you to earn a regular income to support a freelance career, and you do not need a degree or teaching qualification to start teaching.

You may freelance in arboriculture or as a tree surgeon and want to boost your income, or perhaps you own a garden design, or horticulture and landscaping business and would like to secure an income all year round through teaching. You can share your industry knowledge of floral designs and floristry by teaching seasonal workshops throughout the year. Alternatively, if you are looking for a career change that still utilises the skills and experience you have acquired working in the land-based industries, then teaching could be perfect for you.

An inspiring initiative

The Taking Teaching Further programme is a national initiative to attract experienced industry professionals to teach in further education.

This Department for Education-funded initiative is managed on its behalf by the Education and Training Foundation who also played a key role in the programme’s development. It was launched in June 2018 with four rounds of funding having been successfully completed between 2018 and 2022.

Capel Manor College has taken part in the Taking Teaching Further government initiative for the past two years, enabling us to support new teachers with coaching, and achieving their teaching qualification.

The scheme enables you to:

  • Share your industry knowledge and experience with students
  • Gain teaching skills and real experience with support and mentoring
  • Make an impact and progress
  • Work part-time around other commitments
  • Earn a regular income to support freelance commitments

This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your career, and inspire students to work in our natural world, just as you were once inspired during your studies.

You can find out more about the initiative and the full details of how it works here.