Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is a specialised area of animal care that focuses on the hygiene, appearance, and wellbeing of dogs. This subject will teach you how to properly groom and maintain the coat, skin, nails, ears and health of different dog breeds.

Being a professional dog groomer is a rewarding career that has a huge impact on the overall welfare of dogs.

There will always be a demand for dog groomers. If you want to create bonds with dogs of all different breeds, shapes and sizes, and work in a professional salon or set up your own business, then our dog grooming courses are perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to meet clients and their dogs to develop your customer service skills. Our staff will teach you a diverse range of grooming techniques, as well as how to complete pet health checks. We will support you to expand your business knowledge and understand how to market and run your own business.


Dog Grooming Assistant Certificate (Level 2)


Dog Grooming Diploma (Level 3)


Our dog grooming courses provide numerous job opportunities including roles such as:
  • Business owner
  • Mobile groomer
  • Senior stylist
  • Salon manager
  • Grooming assistant
  • Teacher

Did you know?

The pet market in the United Kingdom is one of the largest in Europe, with 45% of people declaring themselves as pet owners.

There are over 10 million dogs in the United Kingdom.

Grooming aerates your dog’s coat, which ensures healthy growth and evenly distributes your dog’s natural oils.


Our modern, open-plan dog grooming salon allows you to practice your skills in a professional environment.

We work with over 300 dog owners and a range of breeds, from Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and Cocker Spaniels, to Miniature Schnauzers, Newfoundlands and German Shepherds. You will have the opportunity to meet clients, talk to them about their dog’s grooming requirements, and practice your grooming skills under the guidance of our friendly and supportive tutors.

Dog Grooming Salon

You can bring your dog to our grooming salon in Enfield to receive excellent care for affordable prices, and help support the training of a new generation of dog groomers.