Business Start-Up Workshop: Floristry, Events and Balloon Artistry Industries (3 Modules)

Course overview

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding beginner, this three-module workshop will help you understand the key factors you need to consider setting up a business in the floristry, event or balloon artistry industries.

During week one you will be given expert advice about wholesale buying for the floristry, events and balloon industries, and learn about the different types of suppliers for your new business. You will also discover the advantages and benefits of prop hire for events.

During week two you will learn the benefits of using Microsoft Excel to create buying lists. You will also gain an introduction into setting up your business including looking at receipts, VAT, Companies House, invoices and developing quotations for clients.

During week three you will discover how to enhance your floristry, events and balloon business with social media, and how to use photography to enhance your business and portfolio.

You will learn

  • How materials are sold wholesale
  • The advantages and benefits of prop hire for events
  • How to use Microsoft Excel to create buying lists
  • How to set up a business
  • How to enhance your business with social media
  • Photography skills to enhance your business and portfolio

Although there is no formal qualification associated with this course, all participants will receive a Capel Manor College Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course.

Each module is aimed for beginners and those new to thinking of starting their own floristry, event or balloon business.

Successful completion of this workshop will help build your confidence while you move on to another floristry business start up accrediated courses offered at our Enfield Campus.