Support Continues at Capel Manor College from the Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund

At Capel Manor College, we are grateful for the ongoing generosity of the Curriers' Company Charitable Fund, which has once again pledged their annual donation of £2,500 to support our leathercraft provision.

This longstanding tradition reflects our shared commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship, while empowering aspiring artisans to pursue careers in this specialised field, including saddlery and shoemaking.

This donation, matched annually by City & Guilds, plays a crucial role in sustaining our leatherwork courses at Capel Manor College. From this donation, £800 is allocated towards student prizes awarded at our annual student awards ceremony held in July. The remaining amount is dedicated to providing essential resources such as student tools and hardship bursaries, ensuring that all students have the support they need to succeed.

City & Guilds’ commitment to matching the Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund’s donation doubles the impact of this initiative, extending support to even more deserving students enrolled in our leathercraft courses. This partnership underscores our collective dedication to fostering talent and providing opportunities for growth within this specialised field of study.

The ongoing support from the Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund and City & Guilds is instrumental in preserving traditional craftsmanship and enhancing opportunities for aspiring artisans at Capel Manor College. Together, we ensure that students receive the essential support and recognition they need to thrive in their educational pursuits and beyond.

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