Four Reasons Why You Should Work In Conservation

While conservation jobs can be majorly diverse, they all involve conserving natural resources for future generations.

One of the many reasons to work in conservation is because you have a genuine love for wildlife and our natural environment. It is an incredibly rewarding career as you will be helping to make the world a better place. Not only does it involve working outdoors regularly, but you also get to experience lots of different places around the world and help manage them.

In this post, we will explore four reasons why a career in conservation can help make a difference.

Global warming is affecting our planet

Our wild and open spaces play a vital role within our economy, making the need for conservation professionals imperative. Global warming is crucial as it helps us determine what to expect for future climates. Over the past century, it has become apparent that humans have contributed significantly to the warming of our planet through the use of power in the modern-day.

Animals are becoming extinct

Wildlife is in crisis all over the world and the number of species that are at threat is at an all-time high. The conservation of endangered species is not only important for our natural world, but it is also important for humans as well. A well-balanced ecosystem gives us clean air, a healthy water system to support marine life, and land for agricultural production.

Climate change is increasing

Every year, climate change has been slowly increasing. With warmer temperatures, plants are blooming earlier and birds are migrating earlier in Spring. By studying and working within conservation, you can learn to understand the patterns of species and the overall health of our natural world.

Future generations

The growing involvement of young people addressing the critical damage caused by the misuse of natural resources is clear. By conserving our wildlife and environment, we are allowing future generations to enjoy the animals we love now so that they do not become a memory that is seen on the internet. Every generation should leave behind a world better than what it once was and working in conservation allows this.

What courses can I study to work in conservation?

We offer a variety of full and part-time wildlife and environmental conservation courses at our Enfield, Mottingham, and Gunnersbury Park Campuses. 

You will study a variety of exciting course topics and take part in industry-based work experience, whilst gaining the specialist knowledge needed to manage habitats and conserve wildlife and the environment. After completing a Level 3 course, you will be equipped to progress to higher education, undertake an industry training course, or work in the UK or internationally within conservation.

Explore our conservation courses in London today and join us this September.