Capel Manor College and Brooks Farm

Capel Manor College was fortunate to manage Brooks Farm in Leyton, East London, for over five years offering animal management courses to students and welcoming the local community to visit a range of animals.   

In November 2022, the College made the difficult decision to end its contract of running Brooks Farm, as it was no longer financially viable for its operations there to continue.

Capel Manor College is working closely with students to ensure they have a new place of study when the arrangement with Brooks Farm ends in 2023. It is integral to the College to minimise any disruption to the small group of students currently based there. Those students that have not yet completed their course will be invited to transition to the closest campus in Enfield for the remainder of their studies, with free transportation provided.   

Most of the animals have been placed in the College’s other collections. Some of the animals have been rehomed, with some of them moving in with College staff (including the two cats), or in partnering collections. No matter where the animals were moved to, their welfare was the primary determining factor in the decisions made.

The College is consulting with staff to make plans for their future, and will be working with the Farm owners, the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council, to determine the best setting for the remaining animals. 

Please note that Brooks Farm is no longer open to the public.