Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to support the environment and green skills in London. Our vision is for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future for our students.

We will:

  • Remain a confident, aspirational, inspirational, and consistently outstanding college making learning opportunities accessible to all Londoners
  • Equip our students with the knowledge, practical skills and personal behaviours needed to fulfil worthwhile careers and individual development, and to promote productivity and economic wellbeing
  • Engage in environmentally sound and financially sustainable management of green space, farms, animal collections and related businesses, for the benefit of the public, and education
  • Provide outstanding resources, education and training activities that we manage sustainably and considerately, with nature and the climate in mind
  • Lead on equality, diversity and inclusion to be truly representative of the diversity of London, embracing and promoting inclusivity in land-based careers
  • Support lifelong learning to enhance individuals’ prospects and social mobility via clear and sustainable pathways from entry to advanced levels of study leading to rewarding careers
  • Actively seek the views of employers, students and other organisations to remain responsive and current and maintain strong partnerships and collaborative ventures locally, nationally and internationally.

Our values 

Our students, staff and governors share common values that express who we are, how we behave and bring us together as a community.

We are: 


We proactively and continuously seek the best from ourselves and each other through ambition, perseverance and resilience.


We care about the environment, animals and people, promoting harmony, respect and sustainability.


We value individuals and our community, promoting diversity through inclusiveness, equality, openness and mutual respect.


We encourage passion, creativity, innovation and enterprise to enrich vocational and personal development.


We encourage behaviours and standards that inspire personal and professional achievement.


We listen to employers, our sectors and each other, and act on feedback.

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Hazel's story

The College helped me realise I am smart and capable enough to go on to study whatever I put my mind to. Hazel studied animal management at Level 3