Safe and Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines

NPTC 0141-01 Award in the Safe and Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines

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Venue: Enfield
Fees: £ 260 (Cost to Capel Manor students £219.50)
Training Date: 16/07/2018 to 18/07/2018
NPTC assessment: Monday 23rd July to Wednesday 25th July 2018
Time: 09:00- 4.30 pm

The aim of this short 2-day course is to prepare candidates for practical skill and vital underpinning knowledge assessment in the safe administration and management of medicines for animals.

The Course
This is a professional short course leading to practical assessment of the skills needed to administer different types of veterinary medicine to animals by three routes – oral, topical and by injection – and the underpinning legislative and H&S knowledge required to demonstrate good practice

The course develops knowledge and competence in the following areas

  • Compliance with current, relevant health and safety legislation
  • Following an animal health management plan
  • Administering a range of veterinary medicine types, safely and humanely
  • Storing and transporting veterinary medicines correctly
  • Maintaining the health of user, public and animals
  • Disposing of unwanted veterinary medicines safely
  • Recording the use of veterinary medicines
  • Preventing unnecessary pain and unnecessary distress to the animals
  • Identifying signs of health and ill-health in animals

Entry Requirements
There are no formal entry requirements but candidates should ideally possess prior experience of working with a range of animals within a particular endorsed group.
For the practical part of the assessment, candidates will be expected to provide and wear appropriate PPE. They must ensure it complies with all legal requirements and is safe for use for each of the skills listed in the published assessment schedule.

The assessment is divided in to 2 compulsory outcomes:
1. Responsibly use veterinary medicines
2. Safely store and administer veterinary medicines

Outcomes are assessed by one-to-one oral questioning and observation of practical performance by an NPTC qualified assessor.

The qualification certificate will be endorsed in the context of the grouping / species of animals with which the Candidate was assessed: On this course it will be 912 Exotics – mammals (eg ferrets, degus, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas).

Candidates must successfully achieve all assessment activities in all outcomes

Practical sessions are carried out in the College’s specialist animal areas.

Fees are payable in advance, cheques payable to Capel Manor College and must accompany a completed short course enrolment form, downloadable from our website at Alternatively, please call our professional short courses coordinator on 003 03 003 1234 ext 1245

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