Free Breakfast for All 16 to 18-Year-Old Students at Capel Manor College

Capel Manor College is pleased to announce that all students aged 16 to 18 years’ old are now able to enjoy a free breakfast before they start their day at College.

A nutritious breakfast provides energy for growth and fuel for the day, and has been associated with better performance at school and college in multiple studies, and referenced in a study by MDPI.

The College has five campuses across London, four of these campuses offer courses for 16 to 18 year old’s. These are the campuses where our younger students can enjoy a delicious breakfast on the days that they attend classes*:

Crystal Palace Park Campus

Students can collect their free breakfast and hot or cold drink from the common room area.

Enfield Campus

Students are welcome to choose from porridge, cereal or a bread roll with bacon, sausage or hash brown along with a hot or cold drink from its on-site Café.

Gunnersbury Park Campus

The College has teamed up with local Putt in the Park to offer its students a toasted sandwich, fruit and a hot or cold drink.

Mottingham Campus

Students can choose their free breakfast and hot or cold drink at Munchies Café in the common room.

*Breakfast options vary dependent on facilities at each campus, and the College’s Regent’s Park Campus currently only offers courses for adults (those aged 19+).

Although breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, it can be the one that is most neglected. This new initiative will ensure all students have access to a nutritious breakfast every day, which is vital to their physical and mental wellbeing and can also help them perform better in their studies.

Capel Manor College values the wellbeing of all students, and also offers a variety of support including financially with various fees and funding offerings, and counselling and guidance support through our Student Services team.

Capel Manor College is London’s environmental college, offering a diverse range of full and part-time courses in further and higher education for young people and adults. We embrace and promote inclusivity in land-based careers.

The College plays a vital role in the green agenda for the capital, equipping the next generation of land-based sector workers with the skills and knowledge needed to help preserve and protect London’s wildlife, national parks, and green spaces.

If students are looking for the next step after school, considering a career change or want to further their existing skills, they are taught by exceptional, industry-experienced tutors and gain renowned qualifications valued by land-based employers across the world.

As part of their studies, our students have the unique opportunity to obtain real-world experience and help take care of the College’s estates, gardens, farm, zoos and commercial businesses.

Visit our next Open Day to find out more:

Bowl of porridge with banana and honey