Capel Manor College Supports Enfield Climate Change Festival

As London’s environmental college, we were keen to participate and support the Enfield Climate Change Festival at our Enfield Campus on Saturday 25 September.

The Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) supports the national Climate Coalition’s nationwide festival to highlight the climate emergency we are in and put further pressure on world leaders to act. To promote the event and raise awareness, various activities have been taking place across the Borough this month.

As part of the event on Saturday 25 September, our Principal Malcolm Goodwin welcomed local residents to share details of the work that the College is doing for climate change and sustainability, as well as what London needs for the future. Guests were then given a guided tour of the Gardens which included details of the sustainable ways that our grounds are cared for.

EnCaf was formed in January last year by a group of local residents and councillors who wanted the London Borough of Enfield to respond effectively to the climate emergency. Since it started, the movement has rapidly gained traction and has now expanded to include more than 100 organisations in the Borough.

​Climate change is a concern for all communities, and EnCaf has set up various Working Groups (Business, Emissions, Pollution, Education, Land Use and Waste) to help achieve their collective ambition to reduce Enfield’s carbon footprint.

Principal Malcolm Goodwin gave an informative and inspiring speech to guests about the need for change to help with climate change, and why our students are fundamental to this, he said:

‘Capel Manor College is a very special place, as well as running commercial businesses, farms, zoos and land, we also work with The Royal Parks and Wildlife Trusts. At our core is teaching our students about the environment and land management, as we live and work within the sector that our students will be going to work in, our courses are very relevant for them.

Our 4,000 students need to understand the delicate balance within our natural environment in order to be able to work to help our planet. At the College, we teach our students specialist green skills that are in demand and essential to care for our natural world, and they leave us with the skills and passion to make a real difference.’

At Capel Manor College we continue to back London’s need for land-based skills and play a vital role in the green agenda for the city. Climate change impacts us all, but together we can help our environment by improving sustainability, air quality, waste and food security.