Capel Manor College Hosts Conference for Arboriculture Students

London’s leading land-based College hosted the second UK conference for arboriculture students on Friday 11 October at its Enfield Campus. Created by The Arboriculture Association, the interactive event offers young, aspiring professionals the opportunity to learn more and develop their industry skills.

Free to all student members of The Arboriculture Association and any students studying arboriculture, the conference delivered a jam-packed and exciting day full of exhibitors, guest speakers, climbing updates and equipment demonstrations.

Co-sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts and Honey Brothers, the conference is held at both a Northern and Southern location to enable as many students as possible across the UK to attend. The Southern event took place at Capel Manor College’s impressive Bartlett Arboricultural Training Centre, where student attendees listened to a diverse range of guest speakers from a variety of land-based organisations including: The Arboriculture Association, Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants and Transport for London.

To reflect the practical and physical skills required for a career in arboriculture, students were also able to take part in hands-on activities and watch in-depth demonstrations by exhibitors. Students learnt more about key technological updates within the industry and received expert advice and careers guidance. Areas covered included: applying plant protection, two rope climbing demos and a STIHL chainsaw simulator.

Adam Sarfas, Head of Arboriculture, Agriculture and Environmental Conservation at Capel Manor College says,

We were very pleased to support The Arboriculture Association with this amazing conference designed especially for students. The day has been very beneficial for all involved, and has been a great way to bring together the arborists of the future and industry-leading organisations.’

Stephen Hodsman, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Arboriculture Association added,

‘We would like to thank our fantastic hosts at Capel Manor College for providing the perfect venue for an engaging and inspiring day for our young tree care professionals of the future. There was an excellent atmosphere throughout the day thanks to our exhibitors and enthusiastic student delegates. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors Bartlett Tree Experts and Honey Brothers for enabling us to make these events free for all. This year’s event is a great platform for us to build on and continue to develop opportunities to support future arborists, and equip them with the advice and knowledge to help them take their first steps into this growing and rewarding industry.’

A highly skilled and in-demand sector, the trees and timber industry contributes £286m to the UK economy. Capel Manor College provides its students with the essential skills and qualifications valued by employers to start a career in arboriculture. The College’s students enter the sector fully equipped to help protect and maintain both the UK countryside and London’s green spaces.