Additional Funding to Support Disadvantaged Students Achieve GCSE Success

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has provided Capel Manor College with additional funding to support disadvantaged students so they can catch up with their studies following the impact of the pandemic.

The Department for Education (DfE) guidance sets out that funding provided to Capel Manor College should be used to support those students who have not yet achieved grade 4/5 in either GCSE English or Maths. The funding is to provide broad assistance to help targeted students complete their overall programmes successfully.

Capel Manor College is using the funding to provide additional staffing to work specifically with identified groups of students. The College has identified students who are particularly at risk, for example because there is evidence of possible underachievement, they struggled to engage with distance learning during the pandemic, there are identified challenges in terms of motivation, organisation or study skills, or because students need support to develop aspirations and plans for their next steps after college – or for other reasons. The identified groups of students will attend additional support sessions where they will work in small groups to get individualised Maths and English support.

The funding is also helping to provide additional mentors including Maths and English mentors, high needs mentors, and those who can specifically support students with challenges around online learning. Mentors will review each student’s individual needs to develop a bespoke programme of support and meet with the student regularly over the course of the year to review the impact of this support, for example the student’s progress, their wellbeing and additional support needs. The programme of support might include help with organisation and study skills, additional subject-specific support, additional guidance with preparation for higher education, employment or apprenticeships, or broader mentoring to develop confidence, esteem and aspirations.

Malcolm Goodwin, Principal at Capel Manor College, said: “We are fully committed to supporting every single student and helping them to achieve their full potential no matter their background or circumstances. This package will continue to help those students who may find it especially difficult to get the education, opportunities and outcomes they deserve.

I want to thank all the staff at the College for the brilliant work they have been doing and continue to do through the pandemic. This additional funding will help them to provide extra support to those who have fallen slightly behind.”