Enfield Dog Grooming Parlour

Capel Manor's Dog Grooming Parlour at Enfield

Capel Manor’s Dog Grooming Parlour at Enfield.

Your dog will be bathed, dried, styled, nail trim, eye and ear clean and finished with a spray of perfume! Just what’s needed, a spring clean for your dog at a fantastic price of £15 per dog.

So don’t hesitate, book your dog in today!

Bookings are currently being taken for Mondays and Wednesday mornings
Please complete the form below (and we will contact you) or call 0303 003 1234 ext 1279 or (mobile) 07902346069.

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Learn more about our Dog Grooming course at: https://www.capel.ac.uk/animal-care/enfield/dog-grooming-assistant-certificate-level-2.html