Award in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Level 1)

Course overview

Embark on a transformative journey where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to cut down on energy use and champion sustainable practices in different places.

Our three-week course helps you develop strategies to boost energy efficiency and incorporate renewable energy sources seamlessly.

Discover the big benefits — economic, social, and environmental — that come with saving energy and going green. Through our easy-to-follow lessons, we will explore how to encourage everyone to think more about energy and empower you to make smart choices.

By joining this course, you are not just learning, you are part of a mission to make our future greener and better for everyone.

You will learn

  • Energy efficiency principles and techniques
  • Carbon emissions and their impact on the environment
  • Various sources of energy, including renewable and non-renewable options
  • Sustainable practices and their importance for environmental preservation
  • Sustainability concepts and their relevance in today's world

Award in Work-based Horticulture
Reference: 61000720

No formal qualifications required.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to progress to our Award in Rain Gardens (Level 2), Award in Green Roofs (Level 2), Award in Controlled Environmental Agriculture (Level 2), or a range of sustainable courses in the green environment, climate change or carbon literacy areas.