Award in Creative Craft – Balloon Artistry (Level 1)

Course overview

This introductory course will provide you with an insight into the world of balloon artistry.

You will create a range of both air filled and helium filled designs using a variety of different balloons and learn the basic practical skills to develop and expand your creativity.

You will learn

  • Environmental awareness
  • Health and safety
  • A range of themed designs
  • Different types of balloons
  • The care and requirements of each design
  • Pricing
Course materials

Our balloons are made from 100% pure natural latex which is obtained from cutting the tree’s bark and extracting the natural substance known as latex. Latex harvesting discourages deforestation because the latex producing trees are left intact to grow and continue generating latex for a further 40 years. The balloons that we use for our courses decompose at the same rate as an Oak leaf and educating our students on how we can improve the environment is our passion as London’s environmental specialists.

  • A willingness and commitment to learn new skills
  • Enthusiasm for working with balloons

You will be expected to study on the following days of the week:

Enfield Campus (day)

  • Wednesday

Enfield Campus (evening)

  • Wednesday

Successful completion of this course will help build your confidence and you could progress to the Certificate in Creative Craft – Balloon Artistry (Level 2).

Sharon's story

The tutors and students created a friendly and social atmosphere, and I developed my skills in the areas that I am most passionate about. Sharon studied floristry and balloon artistry during her time at the College