Brooks Farm Centre

Please note that Brooks Farm will be closed to the public from 5-6 March and 12-13 March 2019. College staff and students will have normal access during this period.

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Brooks Farm is situated in Skeltons Lane Park and has been a feature of community life in Leyton for over 20 years. Along with a range of animals including sheep, donkeys, ponies, goats, rabbits and hens we offer a range of farm based learning activities for the wider community. As well as being a lovely city farm, Brooks Farm is a place to study full time and part time courses. It is also a well-equipped Outdoor Learning Centre and ideal for school groups and parties. You will need to book these activities so please contact us for availability and prices.

Otherwise, Brooks Farm is free to enter for if you simply want to walk around and enjoy the experience of visiting a farm. Please do not give the animals any food. If you want to feed the hens, ducks, sheep or goats special animal food can be purchased from three dispensers – we’ll show you how. There is interesting information and useful facts and figures about the animals and our staff and students will be on hand to answer questions you might have.

For further information visit the Brooks Farm website at:

Click here for Animal Management courses at Brooks Farm (Leyton) Click here for Horticulture and Landscaping courses at Brooks Farm