BBC Gardeners' World Fair

Come Rain or Shine Garden

The theme of this year's BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair is "Gardening in a Challenging Climate". Our Come Rain or Shine Garden demonstrates how domestic gardeners can manage unpredictable rainfall and rising temperatures by creating a seasonal puddle in an area prone to flooding, while providing a thriving habitat for people, plants and wildlife.

The Capel Manor College's project team, led by students currently studying The Professional Gardener (Level 2) , have created an environmentally conscious garden that incorporates sustainable practices and creative solutions. Inspired by nature-based solutions, the garden will tackle climate change issues such as sustainable urban drainage, heat and water management, and plant selection for tough conditions.

Lush green woodland edge planting with a muted colour palette provides a calming backdrop. Grass-like evergreen sedges thrive in damp conditions, and the flood and drought tolerant Betula pendula store water, cool the surrounding air, and provide food and shelter for birds and invertebrates.    

Reclaimed materials form a raised seating platform, turning a formerly unusable ‘problem area’ of the garden into an attractive place to sit and linger while communing with nature.      

After the show, this garden will be disassembled and transported back to our Enfield Campus, where it will find its permanent home among our 40 other display gardens. You can visit Capel Manor Gardens throughout the year.

Mary Baddeley, David Blundell, Paul Breckell, Michael Cansfield, Deborah Dudgeon, Jill Durham, Scott Fegan, Caroline Frayne, Lucy Hare, Claire Malan, Sian Quinn, Ann Summerhayes, Sam Tilling, Zephaniah Lindo.

Thank you to our supporters

With generous support from BBC Gardeners' World, Capel Manor College has received a £3,000 donation, matched by a contribution from the College itself. Materials for the project have been kindly donated by the following sponsors:




Sunnyside Rural Trust 

Glowing Gardens

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