BSc (Top-Up) Animal Management and Applied Zoology Hons

Starts: September 2019
Ends: June 2020
Duration: Full-time over 1 year
Available at: Enfield
Fees: 2018 applicants £6,000 per year.

If you have any questions about this course, please call us on 0303 003 1234 or email Evangelos Achilleos.

The BSc (Hons) in Animal Management and Zoology Top Up course aims to create or develop animal management professionals with a broad understanding on managing farms, zoological collections or working within the field of conservation. Undergraduates will acquire advanced practical hands-on animal management skills whilst furthering business and enterprise skills needed to manage animal and zoological collections, including enriching the customer experience, education, environmental interpretation and animal encounters that reach beyond the boundaries of the collection.

Vocational relevance, professional standards and transferable skills for employability are central to this Bachelor’s degree. This will be through the inclusion of a high proportion of applied and work based learning elements which will ensure a high calibre graduate entering the industry. The programme will empower individuals to further develop their practical skills, academic research skills and core knowledge required to work in zoos, animal rehabilitation reserves, aquaria and animal collections or related animal industries both nationally and internationally.

Undergraduates will compare a wide range of private, public and international collections, consider holistic and sustainable approaches to animal management and examine the role of the modern and future zoos and collections. To underpin this study undergraduates will further develop their academic study and knowledge of advanced animal science including the fundamental concepts of animal evolution, primatology, advanced animal behaviour and advanced practical animal enrichment, with optional units to specialise in carnivore or ungulate management. The optional unit chosen will be subject to numbers. Undergraduates will also cultivate their skills and understanding of the role of modern international ecotourism and sustainability within collections including the practical horticultural cultivation of animal feeds, whilst undertaking an individual dissertation, developing data handling, research and statistical skills.

As part of the degree you will be conducting a study tour to the Royal Agricultural University, have professionals from the industry come in and discuss management of various species and conduct educational displays. You will also have access to behind the scenes when zoos are visited while also visiting national conservation areas.

The programme provides a clear route for those seeking employment within the zoological and animal collections industry both nationally and internationally, as well as animal management and conservation related industries.

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As part of your degree you will have the opportunity to partake in a conservation trip run annually where you will be able to develop your conservation surveying methods and various forms of wild animal management practices! The degree students have visited South Africa and Peru within the last few years, where students conducted caiman surveys, bird monitoring, bat surveys, amphibian surveys, camera trapping, road and fence maintenance, anti poaching activities and animal rehabilitation management.