Botanical Illustration

Unless stated otherwise, students aged 16-18 are exempt from tuition and registration fees.
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Capel+Manor+EnfieldDuration: weekend courses (Enfield) and 3-day courses (Regent’s Park)
Available at: Enfield and Regent’s Park

Our Botanical Illustration courses offer students of all abilities the opportunity to improve their observational drawing skills and learn more about plants that interest them.

There are no formal entry requirements to this course. You do not need previous experience; you just need an interest in drawing and garden design.

Our courses are seasonal, focusing on plants that are prominent in the garden at that time of year. You will learn the basic skills required to create a beautiful and accurate botanical drawing.

HollyCardbetterTopics include:

  • selecting botanical subject matter
  • accurate line drawing of botanical structures
  • drawing to scale
  • composition
  • tonal sketching and understanding techniques for creating shape and form
  • colour mixing and use of watercolour washes
  • surface texture.

Regent’s Park
We will be looking at the following topics on our three-day courses at Regent’s Park:

  • leaves and foliage
  • autumn colour
  • line drawing with pen and ink
  • studies of trees in flower
  • summer flowers and pollinators
  • roses.

We will be looking at the following topics on our weekend courses at Enfield:

  • autumn colour
  • line drawing with pen and ink
  • spring flowering bulbs.